Bar Exam does not measure ability to practice law

Despite what you may have heard, the bar exam is not designed to test your ability to practice law. Therefore, the bar results do not say much about the kind of lawyer you will be.

There are many excellent attorneys in practice today who did not pass the bar exam on their first try. The fact that they went on to be excellent attorneys proves that their initial failure was not an accurate indicator of their ability to practice law.  On the flip side, there are also many terrible attorneys who did pass the bar on their first attempt. So passing the bar exam does not prove whether you are cut out for the practice of law.

If the bar exam does not measure your ability to practice law, then what does it measure? In reality, the bar exam merely tests your ability to pass the bar exam and nothing more. It is simply another hurdle in your professional career.

Remember to keep the exam in perspective and do what is necessary to pass it. Do not get discouraged if you find the bar exam especially difficult. If you graduated from law school, then I am willing to bet that you have what it takes to pass the bar exam and succeed as an attorney.